Web Log

New Tools added to the store.

A couple of new items have been added to the store and are now ready to ship. The Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder made in Osaka,  Japan is perfectly sized to bring with you on your travels. The replaceable ceramic burrs will remain sharper much longer than steel burrs and imparts no taste.  The excellent Field Notes Waterproof Notebooks and pencils are also in stock, as is the Mel Pardue Griptilian folding knife by Benchmade. The last new stock item this week are the Shinwa Stainless Steel Measuring Tools which I use on a daily basis. Besides being a beautiful instrument they are great not only for taking measurements but also for distance readings on maps, bookmarks and as a letter opener. Make sure to check out the Tiktaalik store frequently for newly added products.

The intent here is for Tiktaalik to seek out the best and highest quality adventure gear possible and to display it to you in a highly curated environment so that you can rest assured that anything you find in the store is of the outmost quality, functionality and usefulness. Coming soon are Tents and Sleeping bags as well as Tiktaaliks own line of adventure products so make sure to stay tuned!