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Fjällräven Tents

Tiktaalik will be one of the first in the US to carry Fjällräven tents starting in 2016. Pre-orders will be begin in the fall of 2015. Please contact Tiktaalik for preorder details and instructions. Fjällräven makes strong, stable tunnel tents in a 2- 3- and 4-person version with an extra large apse that is designed to be extremely safe in the high mountains no matter the season of the year. The tent walls are reinforced at the bottom for extra durability where it is needed most. The main apse holds a lot of equipment and has entrances on two sides, which is practical in strong winds and when several people are going in and out of the tent. Extra apse at the foot of the tent with its own entrance. The fly and the inner tent are raised at the same time and the attachments between them are X-shaped to distribute the weight across a larger surface. Three colour coded poles and extra large pole sleeves that can hold two sets of poles for expedition camps (requires special foxfeet, an accessory). Easily adjustable foxfeet simplifies handling and twelve guy line attachments provide stability even in hard winds. Mosquito netting covers all openings and windsleeves with brass wires on the short ends provide good airflow. Strong zippers with extra large pulls can be gripped even when wearing gloves. Clothesline inside the tent and in the apse, compartments and pockets for small items. There are also attachments for a number of other accessories, such as extra pockets, an equipment shelf, a reinforced floor and a tarp that creates an outdoor space. Stay tuned for further updates.