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Land Rover Defender Products in Production

Almost exactly a year ago I began design and development for a small selection of products designed specifically for the most legendary Adventure Tool of all, the Land Rover Defender. This week they are going into small batch production. The intent was to create high quality products made from hard anodized (type III) aluminum which are lightweight, strong and completely rust resistant. I began by designing an aluminum version of the classic Defender plastic grill. A much more rigid and durable design means increased protection for the radiator and the new design also has an integrated mounting system on the vertical support on the the rear of the grill. A special mounting bracket can be fixated in any of the locations of these slots, in order to mount accessories such as lighting.

In addition to the grill I also design a set of front headlight guards to match the aesthetic of the grill design. These are also made from type III anodized aluminum they will never have rust issues. All of these these designs utilized an innovative puzzle-like male-female interlock construction in order to achieve outmost structural rigidity as well as minimize exposed welds and seams. These products are made to last, just like all things related to the Land Rover Defender should be.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten".